Interview on Funcy

Interview on Funcy

Journalist: Agathe Vorka

1. How was your childhood?

My childhood was full of images, experiences, colors and sounds. I grew up in a diverse environment with very lively and interesting moments. Every time that my thought goes back, I feel very lucky because I have lived unforgettable moments that have offered me a deep relation with life!

2. Has your love for music always existed or it appeared in a later stage?

Even if the first talent that was given to me was drawing, since I remember myself I have dreamed of becoming a musician. I began -luckily- the lessons early and at the same time I wrote lyrics and poetry. I consider though, that always -even prematurely- I was thinking and expressing myself much more naturally through arts.

3. I know that your studies relate to music (Composition, Conducting etc). How did you make this decision?

Studies are the only way to learn deeply the art of music. Of course, it is not enough. It demands a lot of personal quest, reading, thought, passion and concern. Without these nothing can be achieved. After all, the real journey is beyond studying.

4. When did the bug of the magician come to you?

I think that it was always there because -like music- I was charmed with everything that broke the bonds of our illusory society. Thus, inevitably, the first time I saw a magic trick I felt something unique. A love at first site was turned into real love.

5. How important is it for you to watch seminars concerning your profession?

It is very important to watch anything that mobilizes you and lead to your evolution. I have learnt many things at the seminars and I have met many interesting people who have influenced me deeply…

6. Besides seminars and music conferences you have attended also other kinds. Can you name a few?

I have been charmed by many and “different” things, which have given inspiration, knowledge and pleasure. I have attended numerous seminars, philosophical, psychological, supernatural, theatrical, kinesiology etc.

7. When did you start your professional career as a magician?

I began ten years ago.

8. How easy or difficult is it to communicate your knowledge?

The work of a teacher has many differences from that of the performer or the creator. He has to change and shape his teaching so that he can inspire the student and inside him to the magic world of “knowledge”. The great difficulty he faces is the slight balance between being (and not being at the same time) a teacher, a parent and student of his student.

9. Can you talk about your record job?

Of course. There are -until now- four personal albums: Giati m’agapises (2011), Rainy night (2013), Fake truths (2014) and Confessions (2015). In addition, some of my music works have been released in collections as well as music written for documentaries, movies, theatres etc.

10. How can you combine magic with music?

“Real” music is probably the only language – art that combines the invisible with the visible world, leading us to the roots of her existence’s mystery. It characterizes, describes and transfers what cannot be seen or spoken. That happens also in magic. Music exists in words and movement. In the voice and body. In sounds and their acting. In every bit of the performance that serves and be served by the broader need of a synthetic harmonic thought. Music exists everywhere! Even if it isn’t there. Magic, as every “acting” art, without the magic of music, is useless.

11. What do you like doing in your free time?

I like reading, writing, exercising, thinking and of course sharing beautiful- calm moments with good company.

12. What are the strong and weak points of your personality?

This question can be answered better from others and not me.

13. What are your future plans?

There are already many and challenging projects that are running. Performances, music compositions, theatres, seminars, etc. My plans, however, are to do things I love, because I live through these, I grow up and as a result I can offer myself and other people what I think I can do best… entertainment… art!

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