“The best Greek magician!”
Star (TV Channel)

“You are a star! I’m going crazy, I’m speechless… Glorify Tristan!”
Natalia Germanou (TV Hostess)

“Record number of shows in just one year!”
ANT1 (TV Channel)

“When the illusions become art…”
Vimagazino (Magazine)

“Your magic is crazy!”
Mathieu Valbuena (International Football Player)

“Unbelievable magic tricks!”
E Channel (TV Channel)

“Truly incredible magician! There are no words… What he does touch the limits of the supernatural”
Grigoris Arnaoutoglou (Television Host)

“He managed to touch and charm the whole country!”
Alpha (TV Channel)

“He creates perfect moments of pure magic!”
Michael Ammar (World Champion of Magic)

“One of the most talented magicians worldwide!”
Patras Events (Magazine)

“What a magnificent magician!”
Omar Khairat (Composer)

“Just incredible!”
John Latsios (CEO ANT1 TV)

“What you do is not magic… it is something more!”
Kostas Perris (Television Host)

“An international stage performance, that will leave you speechless!”
MEC Paianias (Conference Center)

“Breathless magic!”
Mega (TV Channel)

“Real magician!”
George Dalaras (Singer)

“Those things are unbelievable, you have driven us mad!”
Katerina Karavatou (TV Hostess)

“With pure soul and all his talents, magician Tristan gets a fervent audience, faithful and beloved friends!”
Dimitreion Apostoli (Charity Organization)

“Greece needs such inspired talents!”
Christos Ferentinos (Television Host)

“You want to drive us crazy??”
Traianos Dellas (International Football Player)

“That is exactly how magic transforms to art! Just wonderful!”
Michael Vincent (3 Times Magician of the Year)

“Tristan performs brilliant tricks with unbelievable skilfulness!”
Smart Park (Shopping Mall)

“He does insane things in front of your eyes!”
Spyros Papadopoulos (TV Host – Actor)

“A magician with magnificent magic and inspired speech!”
Newton (Sports & Culture Center)

“One of the best magicians I have ever seen!”
Evgenia Manolidou (Television HostessConductor)

Tom Mullica (World Champion Of Magic)

“The ultimate Greek magician!”
Polytechneio (Theater)

“I will completely go crazy!”
Mathildi Maggira (Actress)

Συστάσεις για τον Μάγο Tristan

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