Interview at Urbanlife

Interview at Urbanlife

Questions: Leonidas Vasilopoulos

1. There are many big productions and shows with Magicians abroad! How far from this are we in Greece?

Magic shows are part of the tradition for many countries, especially in America. As a result, a lot of money is invested for such a product as they know it well. I do not know if we are ever going to approach such budgets in Greece and, thus, we should not count on them. Awesome shows have been presented with very small budget but with knowledge, hard work and, sometimes, personal investments.

2 – Is it easy for a Magician to live in Greece? Knowing that fortunes have been made abroad from the shows!

It is hardly to leave in 2017 Greece, no matter what is your occupation. Let alone if you deal with the arts. Personally, I have no professional complaints. Exactly the opposite. But I feel very sad for all these things that happen around. You do not need a fortune but a dignified life.

3 – Would you consider living abroad?

I have thought about it many times. I want to be here and keep offering to this place I love so much. The only thing that keeps this country alive is its people. This betrayed country needs us. Each one of us has to fight the mindset of the venal politicians and those that want this status. If all those offer leave, what will remain? I do not want to leave. But, I have many plants and if a good proposal arises abroad, I should consider it very seriously.

4 – Do you believe in Magic?

How could a “Magician” do not believe in Magic? How could you be a “Mystic” if you are not initiated? Nowadays we have the illusion that humanity knows everything, where as the exact opposite happens. Countless marvelous things which cannot be explained because they are beyond our senses happen every where around us, and also inside us. That is Magic and we can only approach it through art.

5 – Is the Greek audience receptive to Magic shows or they believe that they are for kids?

Greek audience, like every audience, is receptive to everything good. If you give them something distinguished, they will hug it. I have performed hundreds of shows all over Greece and I have only wonderful moments to remember. Amazing moments that give me strength to keep walking and become better.

6 – What can somebody see at the Gialino Musical Theater?

We have combined many different arts at the Gialino Musical Theater, creating a cohesive show which addresses all the ages. Magic, Illusions, Acrobatics, Fires, Dance and Music are the main principles that constitute the show. The “Magic of the Dreams” is a very nice journey in which I have the pleasure to participate along with the excellent artists: Antonis Pasvantis (Deva), Irini Anastasiou, Gianna Alamanou, Ioanna Mpismpi and our little Aretousa Pasvanti.

7 – Magic or just Illusions?

If you offer just some tricks, then yes it is just an illusion. A “riddle” that comes from the question “How did he do it?”. This is the usual and the easy road. But I believe that we should devein to the things. We should be interested in the little things. Every word, every breath we take, every move we present is part of our energy. The how and the why. The complicity of our philosophy. This is the only way to make Magic.

8 – How can you be a better Magician? Is there any school?

A school could be a very nice occasion for someone to meet our art, but also to find people who involve with it. For one more time the personal attitude and philosophy is that will make someone good, moderate or boring. Becoming a good magician means that you should obtain a very good technique but also to study many other things such as Drama, Music, Kinesiology, Psychology etc. Being a better magician means to be a better man!

9 – The definition of the Magic shows have changed through out the years. From the tricks we see performances much more dangerous and risky. What is the reason for that?

In reality, the definition of the Magic Shows has not changed at all. The majority of the techniques and the principles have been imparted to us from the previous artists, who I assume as more essential. The main differences are aesthetic. The same comes to the dangerous performances. Shocking shows have been performed in the past, when there was not safety equipment. And we should not forget that there were many tragic losses on the history of our art.

10 – Which are the role models from the Magic shows nowadays?

In our dazed days we meet many role models and “role models” in every field. Role models that are for fast consuming and other, more essential ones. There are many respectable magicians. More or less wellknown. Some of them, in my personal point of view are David Copperfield, Max Maven, Jeff McBride, Ricky Jay, Kevin James, DCM, Apollo Robins etc.

11 – Targets and plans?

Beyond some already arranged shows for the foreseeable and further future, I also complete two very important projects. One music album with orchestral music and a new Magic Show. Both of them are the result of many years of hard work, studies, creativity and dedication. But mostly are the result of passion, commitment and love. It is not by accident they have the same theme: Magic!
And they are coming soon.

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