Wedding Magic

If you are looking for something special and original for your wedding day, then it’s time to ask the magician Tristan!

The award-winning Greek magician has been trusted by countless couples from all over the world! Princes, celebrities & everyday people who witnessed the special magic of Tristan and lived an unprecedented entertainment experience!

The experience that you will live!

Magician Tristan offers you, indicatively, three programs that you can choose or even combine, by customizing according to your event needs.

1) Close-Up Magic

The magician Tristan approaches the guests and presents them with incredible magic tricks up close. Appearances,  disappearances, mind reading, levitations and many magical wonders that the human mind does not fit! Act that can be performed at the reception of guests, at the welcome drink, before or after lunch, even during the party.

2) Stand-Up Magic

A unique Stand up Magic Show that all guests will enjoy at the same time, with original and virtuosic magic acts! Fire magic, mind reading, levitations and many-many surprises, in an interactive show that you won’t want to end!

3) Bride’s Magical Appearance

How would you like it if you could magically appear in front of your guests? Magician Tristan brings you a unique service that you will love! The Bride’s Magical Appearance! Imagine this: While your beloved guests are waiting for you, a large box is presented in a central place. Music enters, while at the same time makes entrance the groom, who seems to be looking for the bride. He sees the box, looks at it and shows the audience that it’s completely empty, and the audience does see it empty, without a doubt. Then, the groom calls Tristan, who shows him some magic tricks and at the end, as the act climaxes, they make the bride appear from the box!

The most original bride’s entrance you’ve ever seen!

Some information about the above programs:

– Suitable for all ages
– No offensive or inappropriate language is used
– Special magic tricks for the married couple
– Audience participation in the performances
– Variety of moods (humour, mystery, emotion, surprise, etc.)

Magician Tristan brings magic to your wedding!

You experience every moment…

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