Interview on Artefake

Interview on Artefake

Journalist: Sebastien Bazou

1 – How did you get into magic ? What is the first click ?

I’ve been searching Magic, in a broader sense, since I remember myself. Luckily, I entered the world of Magic Art, that is Music. She taught me, shaped me, travelled me and still travels me where there are no words, where there is only the essence of a hidden – deeper meaning. As far as the Art of Magic is concerned, the first click occurred when I saw (as many others I suppose) David Copperfield. Then, I felt an unprecedented feeling, which led me to the wonderful land of the “Art of Illusion”.

2 – When have you taken the first step and how did you learn?

The first step was almost random. I entered a shop to buy a trick toy, and soon after I found my first magic book, describing several tricks. That was it! Then I found online magic shops and started buying erratically tricks, DVD, books, as well as attending seminars. At the same time, I tried to contact people that relate to the art of Conjuration and we share ideas and opinions.

3 – What are the opportunities or people who have helped you. In contrast, an event have you braked?

In my -so far- course of life, I met people and situations that helped me to understand and see things I had never expected. I didn’t have the so called normal life and I am particularly glad about that. I am not suited to such an illusion. On the contrary I believed that life leads everyone to a certain path.

So, I made myself work really hard, so that he has the stamina and perception to detect the real path, with I could serve with love and respect. As I grow up, I feel endless gratitude for what I have experienced, because no one can move forward on his own.

4 – Under what conditions do you work?

This wonderful “job” gave me the ability to transform, like the lizard, so that I can present my Art, almost under every possible circumstance. However, according to the requirements of each performance, I am particularly cautious with every necessary detail I need, resulting in the best possible outcome.

5 – What are the performances of magicians and artists who have marked you?

I have been influenced by many artists. To cut a long story short, I will refer typically some names from the Magic alone. Harry Houdini, Jean Eugene Robert Houdin, Dai Vernon, David Copperfield, Tommy Wonder, Max Maven, Ricky Jay, Jeff McBride, Kevin James, Amazing Jonathan and many others I respect and deeply appreciate.

6 – What are the styles of magic that attracts you?

Every style has each unique interest and the one completes the other.
That’s why I prefer to be a General Magician. I consider that it isn’t the style that determines the quality or the appeal that he will have on his spectators, but the way he will shape himself and the routine he will present. The attachment to certain fields doesn’t have always a nice outcome. The mind is forced -in order to maintain the monomania- to reconstruct obsolete things, making useless puzzles, instead of creating acts of artistic significance. However, there are some artists that are an exception and it isn’t random at all that they are people who were involved in different styles before they attach to a certain one.

7 – What are your artistic influences?

That’s a very difficult question. Art is like the universe. It has no end.
A traveler of Art can’t but be influenced, admire and be captured like a child. Since the ancient civilizations, Homer, Kabuki theater until post-modernism and the contemporary trends. The Art’s harmony is the one that is everywhere. In our body, relations, society, life! Everywhere! So, we have a debt to respect and be taught by every aspect of it, because simply put, everything is organisms of a superior harmony.

8 – What guidance advised for a beginner magician?

He shouldn’t waste his precious time to hundreds of tricks, but he should try to perfect his routines that suit and express him. He should also experiment creatively and study with respect and appreciation all Arts. Focus deeply on the detail of technique but also on the dramatic elements (script, music, clothing, movement etc). Of course all these require time studying and practicing and so he should have patience, passion and love as a guide.

9 – What is your view on the current magic?

In all arts, nowadays, dominate two hardly weird facts.
First: commercialization that massacres the need to express and produces fast food acts and
Second: the uncontrolled offer of knowledge that shapes a trivial comprehension and leads to aesthetic problems. In Art as well, I see very often routines without essence and meaning. Unfortunately, I see many people trapped in the illusion of illiteracy and I am truly sorry. Luckily though, there is the other side of the coin. Inevitably, the need to counteract bears uneasy artists that realize things in a profound way. They search, look for, offer. And so they give meaning to our Art. Because if we deter the meaning from Magic, only an indifferent riddle stands!

10 – What is the importance of culture in the approach of magic?

Culture is a way of life. It is education, respect, and courtesy.
Without it, there is no perception and without perception there is madness, paranoia!
The world we have built is a series of illusions. In our relations, job environment, love, even in ourselves! Art abolishes illusions. It awakens us, makes us remember and not forget. If we want to become it’s organism we have to be insiders to it. To sacrifice our egoism and lifestyle that they have sold and fight so that we can understand it’s hidden teachings. To let ourselves to it and travel to the true values it can offer. Because only then, what we do -either it is Conjuration, or Music or Poetry- obtains meaning. And then it is called Magic!

11 – Your hobbies besides magic ?

I have the luxury to have my hobby as my profession, so I dedicate a lot of time (even from my “free” time) to Magic and Music. Besides this, I like reading, exercise, as well as spending time with good friends and my beloved family.

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