Distinguised Magicians

Distinguised Magicians

Although the roots of magic are located in theory in ancient times (and specifically they are lost at the depth of time), it began it’s development as a form of art during the last two centuries and especially after the 20st century.

However there are many major figures that not only have served magic but they have also designated it through their ideas, their presentantions and generally through their work.

Some outmost names are: Ammar Michael, Angel Criss, Annemann Theodore, Banachek, Berglas David, Blackstone Harry, Blaine David, Brown Derren, Burger Eugene, Burton Lance, Cardini, Carney John, Chen Juliana, Copperfield David, Corinda Tony, Daniels Paul, Daryl, Erdnase, Harary Franz, Harris Paul, Houdini Harry, James Kevin, Jay Ricky, Kaps Fred, Kellar Harry, Lorayne Harry, Malini Max, Malone Bill, Marlo Ed, Marvey Peter, Maven Max, McBride Jeff, McComb Billy, Nyman Andy, Page Patrick, Pendragons, Penn & Teller, Pollock Channing, Randi James, Robert-Houdin Jean Eugene, Roth David, Scarne John, Sheridan Jeff, Siegfried & Roy, Silano Rocco, Slydini Tony, Steinmeyer Jim, Takayama Cyril, Tamariz Juan, Thurston Howard, Turner Richard, Vernon Dai, Wonder Tommy and many more who it’s worth meeting.

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