The Magic Show finally on ITunes!

The Magic Show finally on ITunes!

The Magic Show (Tristan Magic)

Music by George Arkomanis

Finally on ITunes!

Buy it now:


After many years of composing, recording & producing, George Arkomanis (Tristan) returns with a unique music album… The Magic Show!

Buy it now & listen the most “magic” music!

Soon, it will be available as a physical product with a license to use “The Magic Show”  in your own projects!

Composition, Orchestration, Conducting: George Arkomanis

Sound Engineering: Nick Arkomanis

Engineering Assistants: Alexis Bilalis, George Kilakoudis



Maria Dimova Roropoulou – Soprano

Theofanis Roropoulos – Tenor

Anastasia Pavlakou – Vocals



George Arkomanis – Piano, Synthesizer, El. Guitar, El. Bass, Percussions

Dimitris Anousis – Piano, Synthesizer

Nick Arkomanis – Keyboards, Percussions, Effects

Victoria Kyriakidi – Flute

Dimitris Sideris – Oboe

Haris Kobotis – Clarinet

Nikos Sarris – Trumpet

Thodoris Lykouropoulos – Violin

Ilirjan Mehilli – Violin

Monika Damo – Viola

Irini Anastasiou – Violoncello

Ria Anastasiou – Violoncello

Nick Dragonas – El. Guitar

Michael Andritsopoulos – El. Guitar

Nikos Leivaditis – Cl. Guitar

Vaggelis Tzatsos – El. Bass

Kostamos Yakoumis – Drums


The recordings took place from 2009 until 2020 at Play Recording Studio

Cover Photo by Dimos Zitouniatis

Graphic Design by Alexandros Angelonitis

Tristan Magic Art Productions

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