The 3 Magicians! A Magical Season!

A big “Thank you” is not enough!

“An incredible season has come to an end! We started for 4 shows and have reached 6 months of successful performances! 6 months filled with unique moments, smiles and lots – lots of magic!

I want to thank the Avlaia Theatre and all its staff. In particular, Mrs. Magda Halavatzi and Mr. Andreas Verros.

A big thank you to our collaborators Ermis, Alex, Ioanna and Nikiforos, for their love, hard work and dedication they invested in the show!

Another “thank you” to Harris Ergatidis and his team for the video coverage (and more)!

Finally, the biggest thank you to all of you who made our dream come true!

The magic, as always, continues and through our pages we will keep you informed about everything… ”



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