Magician Tristan talks about the show “The 3 Magicians” at Time 4 Kids!

– How did you decide to put on “The 3 Magicians”?

The Avlaia Theatre asked me to create a magical show that would appeal to all ages. Our consultation was easy and we quickly completed the arrangements. My idea was to create a small group, with different styles magicians, to present different aspects of the art of magic.

– Is it easy to put together a team of professional magicians?

Not easy at all! First of all, there are not many magicians. Of them, few are professionals and even fewer are those who have theatrical experience and artistic interest. If you add to the equation the human character, which is very important for a collaboration, you understand that the boundaries become narrower. Therefore, you have to take countless factors into account before you create a team.

– That’s how the magicians Alex and Ermis came to the team…

First of all, I thank them for agreeing to work with us. Of course, with both of them, we have worked together several times in the past and know each other very well. Alex is the oldest of the gang! He is the one who represents the previous generation and performs classic and contemporary stage illusions, such as the iconic “Sawing a Lady in Half”, along with the magical dancer Ioanna Eugenopoulou. Ermis is an amazing persona! He is what we call a “comedy” magician, but not in the trivial sense, but in his own unique and modern way! Both have their own history in the industry. They also have one very important characteristic: They care about the show, respect the audience and give it their all!

– That’s a very important thing to say! The love and respect you have for the audience shows during the show…

It comes out naturally! We love magic… We are in love with it! Every time we do a show, we don’t feel like we’re working. We don’t say “let’s work”, we say “let’s play”. The audience is an integral part of this game. They give energy, rhythm and life! We feel grateful to them…

– I was terribly impressed that there was tremendous enthusiasm, not only from “young” spectators, but also from “grown-ups”! How do you manage this?

The art of magic is, perhaps, the most misunderstood art, for many different reasons. Most magic shows appeal to all ages. Magic, if presented in a beautiful and creative way, touches the inner chords of every human being, regardless of age. education, background, etc. There is no more beautiful feeling than that shared! Let alone when it is among friends, parents and children, acquaintances – strangers. Everyone becomes one… a true community!

– Recently your book “The School of Magic” was also released. The only magic manualscript that exists in Greece! What’s the impact so far?

I am so happy! “The School of Magic” is a dream come true. For years I have wanted to write a serious book, not only for those who want (or will want) to learn the art of magic, but also for those who wish to enrich their knowledge! The response from the world has been overwhelming… The book goes extremely well in sales, although what I am interested in – mostly – is that it be useful and helpful to current and future generations.

– What can one expect to see in “The 3 Magicians”?

A plethora of original and classic magical performances, with a different perspective! Magical presentations that will take you on a journey accompanied by magical music, but also interactive surprises with the active participation of the audience. A very rich entertainment program for all ages! But what you should expect from this show is what you don’t expect…

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