Magician for Kid’s Party?

Looking for a magician for your Kid’s party? We will recommend you the best!

The magician Tristan is not just a magician who does impressive tricks! He is a leading entertainer-artist with international recognition, awards and collaborations with famous companies and celebrities! Mainly, however, he is a man who has dedicated his life to the art of magic and through it he wants to offer unique experiences to audiences of all ages!… A Magic Show that will be remembered forever!

His program, at Kid’s parties, is aimed at all ages, from 4 years old and older. Usually, it’s watched at the same time by all attendees and this creates amazing moments that are shared together, children and adults. The magic he performs is of high level and original, around all kinds of magic: Appearances, disappearances, fires and many more magic tricks, framed with wonderful music, unexpected plots and well-crafted scripts, that magnetize everyone!

Tristan’s magic show is interactive and spectators play an important role! They actively participate, become assistants as well as magicians!

The child who has the party is at the center, in a discreet and unpretentious way. At the end of the show, there will be another big surprise for it… An award! It will receive a magic medal, a commemorative diploma and a magical gift: Tristan’s book “The School of Magic”, with a special dedication!

Immediately after the Magic Show, the Magician Tristan can stay with you for the extinguishing of the cake candles and take pictures with you!

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