Magician for Kid’s Party? 11 Tips for an Unforgettable Magical Party from the Award Winning Magician Tristan!

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Are you looking for a magician for a children’s party? How much does a magician cost for a children’s party? What is the ideal time at a kid’s party for a magic show? Top magician Tristan will give you 11 very important tips to make your birthday party unforgettable!

Hello! I’m Tristan and I have the pleasure of doing one of the most beautiful jobs… Actually, the most beautiful: I’m a magician! I perform my magic in theaters, corporate events, weddings, christenings and kid’s parties! I’ve done thousands of parties and, to this day, I love them! I could talk to you for hours on this topic. But I’d rather share with you 11 important and useful tips to make your kids’ party magical!

1. Do your research!

I understand that as parents you are busy all the time, with different things. But before you decide which magician will take over the entertainment of the children, take some time to search about it. Don’t get stuck on the first page of Google. Search the internet, look at websites, profiles, videos, reviews, and once you’ve come up with some potential magician options that are right for you, contact them!

2. Coordinate by phone and not by email!

The phone is the best way to really understand if the magician you plan to invite to your child’s party is right for you. The way he will inform you about his entertainment, his willingness to serve you and the respect he will show you reveal his professionalism and love for the art he serves. Do not email or text. Call to meet and get a first glimpse of the magician you will trust to entertain your children.

3. There is no such thing as a dumb question!

Many times I have been told on the phone: “Can I ask you a dumb question?”. There is no such thing as a dumb question! Share whatever is on your mind. Planning a children’s party can be stressful and – as caring parents – you want the best for your child! Share your concerns, but also your ideas, because through them, a professional magician will make sure – not only to take the pressure off you, but also to find solutions!

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4. Don’t just stand on the price of a magic program!

I have happened to read in various articles or publications, people asking: “How much does a magician cost for a children’s party?” Or “What is the price of a magician to perform magic tricks on kid’s party?” As in all professions, there are good, mediocre and bad magicians. There are people who see magic as a hobby or an extra income and people who dedicate their entire lives to this art. That’s why you may see two magicians doing “seemingly” the same magic trick, but have nothing to do with each other. The price of a magic show, then, more often than not, involves the experience, professionalism, knowledge, ethics, courtesy, and general quality of a magician. Therein lies all the difference and all the value. On the other hand, if you can’t come up with a budget, which is perfectly respectable, I would suggest you don’t go for a cheap solution, because you and your guests will be disappointed. You can find another entertainer, either a clown or animator, which are usually offered at more affordable prices.

5. Find the right time to do the magic program!

So you’ve done your research, looked at websites and profiles, watched videos of magicians and said “this is the magician who will perform at my child’s party!”. You even talked on the phone and arranged everything, right? Probably not! Have you thought, what’s a good time for the kids to sit down and enjoy the magic tricks of a magician? The first opportunity for the show to take place is about 60 minutes after showtime. This is a good time because all the guests have arrived, have talked, played, had a bite to eat and are still fresh and ready for a magical experience. From there, all the other times depend on various parameters such as the time frame you have, the ages of the children, the day the party is being held, the time the food is served, the time the cake is cut, other activities you may have arranged, etc. And just so you don’t overwhelm me, just ask the magician: What is the right time to do your magic?

6. The entertainer is the most important thing at the children’s party!

Whether you choose a magician, a juggler, a clown, or an animator, remember this: The entertainer is the most important thing at a kid’s party! He or she will set the pace, the energy and the mood. After a few days, no one will remember what they ate or drank, but everyone will remember how they felt. And for me, children’s entertainment is not just about having a good time, but about having magical moments, bonding and creating special memories!

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7. Find the right spot where the magic show will take place!

Although the most experienced magicians have -always- the way to adapt our program to different conditions and know which spot is ideal to present it, it is good to have taken care of where the program will take place in advance. Especially if it’s a small venue! So make sure it’s in a spot where the children can sit comfortably, either in chairs or even on the floor. Across from them, the magician will stand up and show them his magic tricks. Which means that, ideally, he shouldn’t have people behind him, nor people coming and going and passing in front of him.

8. Treat the magician with respect!

Those of us in the entertainment business, and in particular children’s entertainment, have no idea what we see and what we encounter! Not to be unfair, however, at least in my own career, I have been treated with a lot of love and respect. That, of course, doesn’t mean I haven’t seen a lot of things. It’s incredibly important to treat the magician (and any entertainer) with kindness and respect! Don’t let any of your guests disturb or interrupt him while he’s doing a program. Don’t let a parent distract the children by going to get food or anything else. It’s show time! If you hear a child behaving in an inappropriate and vulgar manner (it happens), make a comment or subtly ask the parents to intervene. Not all magicians are experienced to handle such situations, but in any case, no one should be subjected to insults and bad behavior. It goes without saying that children are children. They may jump up and down, say a dumb thing, it’s reasonable and it’s part of our job to deal with it. But the goal is not to cross over to the other side, because then no one will have a good time and of course the magician won’t be able to do their job properly!

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9. Do not have parallel activities!

Many parents, in their attempt to organise an impressive party, go to the trouble of putting lots of activities and games. I’ve been to too many overproduction kids’ parties with endless inflatables, trampolines, face painting, balloons, games and everything you can (and can’t) imagine! As a result, children don’t come together to share the party experience, but are scattered left and right as if they are in a chaotic playground. And ultimately, because there are so many temptations, they can’t really focus and enjoy anything. A children’s party doesn’t have to be overproduced to be successful! On the contrary! If, for whatever reason, you wish to have several activities, make sure they are not all parallel. For example, while the magician is doing his show, block access to other games!

10. Share with the magician information he needs to know!

If there is something you think is important for the magician coming to your party to know, tell him. Again, not everyone is experienced, but even the experienced ones are good to be informed. Maybe, for various reasons, one of the parents is not attending, a child may be facing a serious problem. Inform the entertainer for anything you feel needs attention to prevent and safeguard situations. But also let him know about things he could use. Maybe your child loves a superhero, a dinosaur, a sport. With such information, a clever magician will be able to create channels of communication and also include it in his performance.

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11. Enjoy your party too!

Often, the parents who organize the party, on that day, run like crazy! I totally understand… But you should also enjoy this festive day. Make time to sit with the other parents, get to know each other, talk. Make time to watch your kids play and, why not, you can play with them too! You need it, believe me! When I started in this field, I wanted my magic program to appeal to parents as well. I was hugely impressed with how much of an impact it had! Seeing young and old become one. Laughing, being impressed together… Sharing a common experience! So ask the magician if his show is also suitable for adults and if he says yes, enjoy it together! The children’s party is not only about the child having a birthday. This is the focus and around him are relatives, friends, classmates and above all you!

Magician Tristan’s show has been awarded by the International Brotherhood of Magicians with the top award “Best Family Magic Show”.

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