Magic Interview #4 – Topas

Magic Interview #4 Topas

In this series, award-winning Greek magician Tristan interviews and converses with famous and acclaimed magicians, illusionists, mentalists, escape artists and performers, from around the world!

Created & Presented by Tristan

Follow Topas:
YouTube: @topasmagic

Video Production: Harris Ergatidis

Hosted at the Christmas Magic Theater

Topas is one of Europe’s brightest magical stars. He exploded onto the scene in 1991 when he won first prize in manipulation at the World Championship of Magic. As the word “manipulation” conveys, Topas achieved his fame by perfecting a type of magic with the hands: wands, bells, cards, and others objects appear and multiply at his fingertips in a bewildering display. His manipulative magic was one of the highlights of NBC’s first edition of The World’s Greatest Magic in 1994. Topas has performed and lectured on magic in many countries around the world, including a tour of India. His work has been featured on TV in the United States, Germany, Portugal and France.

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