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Do you want to learn the art of magic? Now you can! With “The School of Magic”!

A book with valuable knowledge, useful tips and two secret videos where you will learn 24 amazing magic tricks with everyday objects!

“The School of Magic” is the perfect gift for a beginner or an amateur! It’s also a “must have” book for the library of every professional magician! You will learn magic tricks, theory, history and more… You can use the material of the book to create magic workshops!

The award winning magician Tristan presents: “The School of Magic”

An original set (book – video), that will provide you a unique knowledge on the art of magic and will teach you 21 + 3 amazing magic tricks, to enchant and entertain your audience!

The School of Magic consists of one book and two videos. In the book you will read interesting things about the art of magic, with theory – history articles, but also valuable pieces of advice.

In the first video you will watch Tristan perform amazing magic tricks, to everyday people, and then he will explain you, in detail, how these tricks are done! He will also give you tips and ideas that will help you to take your magic to the next level! In the second video, extra magic material awaits you!… Tristan, with two fellow magicians, chatting and analyzeing further the magic you have learned and teach you three more impressive magic tricks!

An original and fun learning system, for… all ages!

A perfect gift for you and anyone who wants to learn the art of magic!

Now it’s time to enchant and be enchanted!… With “The School of Magic”!

Book Contents:
The 3 Rules of Magic
Categories & Types of Magic
Types of Magic Effects
Practice Tips
The Magic Partner
Audience Management
Magic & Animals
Magic Props
Playing Cards & Symbolism
Magic Books
Leading Magicians
Jean-Eugène Robert-Houdin
Harry Houdini
Dai Vernon
David Copperfield
David Blaine
Epilogue – Final Thoughts

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