«The best Greek Magician!»
Star Channel

«Record number of shows in just one year!»

«One of the most talented Magicians worldwide!!!»
Patras Events

«Breathless Magic!»
Mega Channel

«Unbelievable Magic tricks!!!»
E Channel

«An international stage performance, that will leave you speachless!»

Experience the absolute art of magic!

Award-winning artist George Arkomanis (Tristan) is one of the most distinguished and talented people, in the field of art & entertainment.

His unique capacity as a magician, composer and conductor, has made the legendary magician Michael Ammar, attribute to him the nickname “The Maestro Magician”.

His amazing shows are a unique spectacle, where magic, music, speech and movement blend together and compose a new – exciting area of expression and meaning.

Through impressive illusions, brilliant mind games, virtuosic sleight of hand demonstrations & original music, Tristan immerses spectators into a world, full of mystery, suspense, humor and feeling!

Tristan collage

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